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Lab Report

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1. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to see the temperature change in

the water. It is also between 3 different times. Which is 1 min., two

min,and three mins. There is salt and fresh water.


2. Materials: Beaker


Ice Cube


Salt and fresh water


3. Procedures: Place 200 ML of water in a 250 ML beaker. With the

tongs gently place a colored ice cube into the water. Measure the

temperature after 1 and 2 minutes. In another beaker place 200 ML of

warm fresh water into the beaker adding enough salt to saturate the

water. Repeat this 3 times.


4. Conclusions: In my conclusions it says that the longer the water stays

in the cooler it gets. They were both pretty much the same in temp of the

salt and fresh water. Ice is always usually melted in 3 minutes.


Data Table:



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