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Business Proposal

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I would like to start a new business in the outer most Northern part of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This business will consist of being a sewing or quilt shop.

A quilt shop or sewing store consists of many "Husqvarna Viking" sewing machines, Viking accessories, quilts, cabinets, desks/sewing machine tables, books, software, fabric, and much more. We would carry Husqvarna Viking and white sewing machines and sergers and offer a complete education and support package to provide added value to each machine sold. Our staff will be continually updating their training and education regarding the newest features of these sewing machines and sergers. Husqvarna Viking certified educators are available for you to provide machine owner's classes and continued education and support so that you can get the most out of your new machine. We also will provide education and support for our Embroidery software packages by certified educators. Machine Embroidery is the latest craze for home sewers and quilters. The addition of embroidery capabilities opens the world of creativity to garment sewers, quilters, basic and advanced sewers. Our expert staff will guide you through the purchase of your first embroidery machine or the trade up to a top of the line embroidery machine. Embroidery software can expand your capabilities even more. Education and technical support has always been one of the keys to our success. All staff members and free-lance creative educators are experienced sewers and quilters and can provide you the support necessary to successfully complete any project you choose from simple to complex. We will also have sewing machine repair right in the store, so no shipping off your machine. The technicians who are certified and qualified for all machines will also be on location incase you have any questions. Also, I plan on having sewing machine training and classes. Say, you came into our store and bought our newest and latest model of sewing machine. This machine is technologically advanced compared to a normal one, so I would offer you a weeks worth of free in store training with a certified and qualified personnel on that machine. Also, the machines that we sell are the top of the line sewing machines in the sewing industry. We carry machines that range from the cheapest and most basic to a machine that is computerized and can just about do anything you program it to do. Also, we offer a joystick style mega quilter, which is this giant contraption that actually sews and whole and complete quilt with your guidance. Besides buying a brand new machine, we will be taking trade-ins as well. So you can trade in your machine determined by the age and condition of it. There are also classes that we offer, for our customers. They come in and sign-up to take a class and when we get enough customers to sign-up we send them a notice telling them when the class is. Classes consist of sewing different things such as patterns for a jacket maybe, or can be as little as sewing a button on. These classes occur on a regular basis, dependent on the customers. Along with the class we will start a kids sewing camp in the summer. Since kids do not have school in the summer, we are going to offer them a week long sewing camp. This camp consists of kids coming into our stores at 10:00 A.M. and it is over at 4:30PM. Through out the day the kids will learn the basics of sewing and get more advanced as the week goes on. Also, they will be working on different



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