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Project Proposal: Effects Of Climate Change

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Essay Preview: Project Proposal: Effects Of Climate Change

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Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change

The final research paper generated from the Project Proposal: Effects of Climate Change will discuss the question, what Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects? Various research publications by credible sources advise, global warming climate change has an affect on human health. Climate change and the impact on human health can be connected through direct or indirect variables.

The Importance

I feel as though if we start at a young age then we will encourage more young people to start making some positive changes in their lives. This is an important issue to me because global warming is an issue that just about everyone. Not enough people take the climate change situation serious and many seem to think one can not be affected. The reader should take the climate situation as an important topic in one’s life due to climate change will affect the living situation of their children, grandchildren, the seriousness of health impacts and environment circumstances. and will very much affect our children’s children.

Historical, Social, and Cultural Perspectives

There are different historical, social, and cultural perspectives surrounding the question on, what Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects. Numerous sources state, prior to industrial revolution, the least amount gases were released into the earth’s atmosphere by human activity. Since the industrialization period, man put into place the noticeable rapid beginnings of the ever-growing situation. The research community state, humans are being affected by the introduction into the atmosphere the increased levels and different mixtures of the burning of various fossil fuels, rapidly increasing population, and deforestation. Native American cultures feel as though the rapid modifications on mother earth is harmful to plants, animals and humans.

Groups of Interest

There are different groups interested in reducing climate change health effects, yet there are other groups that should take an initiative in the interest of the interaction of climate change and human health. Prior to the 1900s, only individuals from the scientific community took notice to climate change. After the mid 1900s and pressure from the scientific community, governmental agencies, took a recognizable interest in global warning’s climate change.

As the United States was coming near Government agencies, health communities, academic and research institutions are noticeable groups that have shown an dedicated interest when it comes to climate change and human health. Organizations such as, The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Centers for Disease Control, The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are reputable agencies that have made the world aware of the involvement in the studying of global warming. One of the study factors involve the effect on human health and the remedy to decrease the lasting effects. Groups that should take more of in interest in, reducing climate change health effects should be the: public, more non-profit organizations, family practice doctors/nurses, elementary schools, parents, more industrialized businesses and the groups set up to protect the industrialized industry business interest.

Important Question

What Americans can do to reduce climate change health effects, has been an important question to me for the past couple of years. Seeing an increase of famous people campaigning for the improvement in global warming, was the event that sparked my interest.

Project’s Purpose

I want to inform Americans everywhere, especially adolescents, of global warming and how important it really is. I also want to persuade these young adults to start making some minor changes to their everyday life so that we can stop causing changes to the climate, overall helping put an end to global warming itself. A myth being said is that global warming is normal and that because civilization has survived droughts and temperature shifts before, we can all adapt to climate change.

What I want my readers to learn, as well as myself, is that these current climate changes will bring major hardships and economic dislocations. I want my readers to be able to really learn something from my research. I hope they can learn the importance of global warming and the effects it has on everyone. At the end of this research paper, we should all have a better understanding of what exactly global warming is, what is causing the changes in the climate, and changes we can all make to prevent these causes.

Logical and Emotional Appeals

Climate change has logical and emotional appeals that might best engage the intended reader to become interested in reading further into the research paper that will be presented or perhaps spark an overall general interest in the subject. Listed below are various logical and emotional appeals that may draw the intended reader into the climate change subject area:

1. The way the body heals

2. Affect out children and grandchildren

3. Environmental variables can make more humans prone to sickness and disease

4. The quality of breathing

Prior and New Knowledge

Throughout the years prior to this research project,



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