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Project Planning Teams

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Project Planning in Teams

Project planning in teams is very effective in ways when good team members are willing to work from beginning to the end. Team member who use all source of communication to get the project done. Member to encourage other to achieve their goals and ideas. Stay focus and always provide help when needed. Then the group has to face the problems of barriers, faults, particption, and no lines of communication. Once the team has completed the project everyone can celebrate his or her success as a job well done. The main focus if everyone stays on the same sheet of paper throughout the hold project then the group will have a one hundred percent and not zero percent.

First, build a team of member who are willing to work throughout the whole project, team members who can take the bumps, the ups and downs when problems develop. The leader needs to put in writing what he or she expects from each of the group members. For example, like participation, interacting with each other and brainstorming. However, everyone in the group must agree to what is expected of them when tasking is given out. In other words, every group member that sign the agreement is committed to the project agreeing to meeting, able to overcome barriers, and share all information that is important to the project. The team leader needs to make sure that everyone agrees to rules of the project and if anyone disagreements then the members need to sit down and discuss what need to be put in agreement. It is good that at the very first meeting each member needs to express and issue that cause any problems with the project to the leader.

Second, the communication among the team member is to communicate face to face in an environment that is comfortable for everyone. Next, everyone needs to give his or her number where they can be research for updates and emergences. Last, is the email were everyone must check his or her email at least twice a day for update and reminders. Communication is the most important part of the project; however, no communication no project. However, everyone has busy schedules so communicating can be hard; nevertheless, group member need to give the leader at least two good contact numbers, a fax number if possible, and their email address, so that the line of communication will always be open.

Third, making decision on whom get what part of the project and each member is responsible for the research on his or her assign task. The leader must express how important planning and setting goals for the project. The leader will set dates for meeting to go over what the member have come up with and decide on what information to use and what not to use for the project. Meanwhile the leader makes note of whom is present, who he or she need to be contacted and what information will be use for the project. No final decision will be made until every member as been contact and knows what has been discussed and turn in their research assignment.

Fourth, is to recognizing and discuss problems that come up that may hold up the project; nevertheless, the leader needs to be open to all opinions and ideas about the project. For example, member missing meetings, goals are not being met, or waiting to the last minute to communicate with member of the team can cause problem within the group. This part of the project is the most important because if everyone does not participate in the project that



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