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Project Planning In Teams

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Project Planning 1

Project Planning in Teams

Edward Knight

University of Phoenix

Gen 101

Dr. Alvin Vaughn

May 13, 2008

Project Planning 2

The Process of Project Planning in Teams should be a well thought process. The selection of key Roles, along with the benefits from the project, responsibilities within the project and a good explanation of what the project consist of. In addition, the project schedule.

First, they must create a project schedule in order to see the direction of

the project. This is to give an understanding to each possible team member as in

which direction the project should proceed. E.E Douglas lll & T. Douglas (2004)

stated, “ effective project planning begins and ends with the efforts of the project

team. How well the project team has developed the project plan contributes to the

success or failure of the project” (p.1, para. 1) after this, process they can then

select appropriate candidates’ into key Role positions.

The process of selecting key Roles should be done according to ones experience for the job and position held. First, they must select a Manager/Leader to lead the project; the duty of the Manager/Leader is to keep every thing organized throughout the project. In addition, (W) work (B) breakdown (S) structure (WBS).

Project Planning 3

Next, they select a Facilitator. This is the person under the Manager/Leader; the facilitators’ duties are to keep the process going, keeping the team motivated and working smoothly. The Facilitator in addition, handles the



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