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Problem Solution

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Many businesses pause to shift to a new market due to the uncertainty of financial instability. Global has the opportunity to slow down the decrease of their dwindling networks and make a promotion for new products and services. Global will need to meet its competition head on and offer a modification the current services on hand. The strategic advantages of moving rapidly outweigh any short term effects of losing reputation due to the management inability to maintain employee relations.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

In most companies today there is an urgency to improve profitability. Global Communications is not exception to that movement. The stock returns for Global have dropped over fifty percent due to increased competition. Today's competition is able to offer more value from the product. They are able 'to provide complete solutions encompassing computers, televisions and plain old telephone service,' (Scenario).

Global has taken the aggressive approach to once again become a dominant force in the telecommunications industry. Global is approaching the idea of outsourcing. Outsourcing would mean a reduction in cost due to the cheaper labor. This would present the much need capital gain. Global has taken the intuitive to reduce pay, cut back on jobs, and introduce new products. Global should look at the risk and see if the loss of employees far exceeds the monetary gain?

Global owes it to its stockholders to improve upon the current market state. They have to take all actions needed to improve their current state. They must first face the increased competition. Once they evaluate then they will be able to come to many conclusions and the one best fitted for Global.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

Global Communications has always prided itself as a company with a dedication to the employees. They are now in the process of restructuring the company to introduce measures the will improve profitability. They have the right to look at all methods involved with the process. They can look at all things involved such as outsourcing, implementing new products and services and reducing jobs. The ethical dilemma that Global has created for itself is not involving the union representatives the opportunity to weigh in on the decision.

Global should involve the union the decision making process. The union has the right to know about the future of the company. If they are will to able to create a win - win situation. If Global does look at that as an option then the union can take a legal approach to negotiations. . They union will be able to raise the issues of a reduction in salary and job losses due to the lack of communication from management. They also have the right to be informed of a breach of contract. Global has an ethical obligation to its loyal associations to keep them informed.

End-State Vision

Global Communications is a company that will become the global leader in the communications. They are a company based on employee innovative. They have used the ideas set forth from the inside to develop new services and raise the bar on existing products. Global examined the needs of the company and became a dominate force with competitors. They are on the breaking edge of introducing a new way of effecting communicating from a remote location. Global is a world wide leader among the telecommunications industry.

Gap Analysis

Global has many factors affecting the current state of the company. They need to address the competition, technology changes, stock dropping, and loss of company loyal-ness. The factor involved is the competition. The cable companies are offering all the products in a one stop shopping center. Global has decided to address the issue by forming an alliance with a satellite provider. They have also looked into a partnership with a wireless provider to enhance the use or wireless internet. This would come at a cost to the human capital of the company.

The drop in the stock comes from all the aspects that the company is looking into. They have an obligation to make the Board of Directors and the stockholders happen with an increase of profitability. Since the loss took place within a short amount of time they should look into what was lost during that time frame. By evaluating what was loss they look into what needs to be gained.

Global most important part of its research should be to its employees. Global prides themselves on being a company of the employee they then have an obligation to the employees. The also have to look into the risk of maintain employees at the cost of losing money. Global' options outweigh the many risks involved in problem solving. By accessing outsourcing they open up an option to retain employees and move other to strategic locations.

Global should look into in sourcing as option to help them rise above the complex problem. They would be able to keep the union involved in the future of the company. It will also be a boost to the moral of the company by placing employees in a position to access the risk and see the decision involved in management decision making. This would make other companies see what global has to offer inside and out.


Telecommunication companies have experimented in many forms of simplifying the decision making process. They must know take a bold approach to gaining a brighter vision. There will need to be a change in many areas of products, services and passions. The risks can be managed and conversion simplified. Global can be on its way



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