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Princess In The Spotlight

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Essay Preview: Princess In The Spotlight

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I think Princess in the Spotlight was a really good book to read. I would recommend this

book to any girl of any age. Princess in the Spotlight was very interesting, and I could not put

the book down. The main character, in this book, is Mia. She is the Princess of Genovia, and her Grandmother is the Queen of Genovia.

This story takes place in early October. Princess in the Spotlight starts when Mia, Princess of Genovia, learns that her mother is pregnant with Mr. Giannini's baby (Mia's Algebra Teacher). Mia was very upset, when she heard the news. The same day, Mia received a phone call from her Grandmother saying that she is going on a prime-time interview with Beverly Belleville on Twenty Four/Seven. When Mia was on national television, she told everyone her mother was pregnant. After the interview, she was told her mother was engaged with Mr. Giannini. Her mother and her Algebra Teacher ended up eloping in Mexico.

Meg Cabot, Author of Princess in the Spotlight, was born in Bloomington, Indiana. She received a Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University. Meg has published almost forty books. Meg lives in New York with her husband and their one-eyed cat named Henrietta.

My favorite part of this book was when Mia's best friend, Lilly, walked in and noticed Mia was on the computer. Lilly noticed Mia was on a pregnancy web site, on the computer, and she thought Mia was the one that was pregnant.



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