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Princess Diana- Media Victim Or Media Manipulator

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Essay Preview: Princess Diana- Media Victim Or Media Manipulator

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Princess Diana

"Lady Diana was born into a privileged family as the daughter of the 8th Earl Spencer and Lady Frances Althorp in Norfolk, England. Princess Diana was raised by nannies, separated from her parents by divorce and isolated from her sisters and brother when sent to boarding schools. Her life was filled with activities, friends and social events that 'bred' her for royal status and community involvement". At first glance we can easily assume that such a person would easily be one who knew how to handle themselves in front of a camera, being that royalty were never left alone by the media. When she first married the prince the world of the media was rather new to her, and not necessarily unappreciated or ignored in the sense that it could give her a bad name. Considering that she was raised in royalty to some degree, it was only natural that she takes advantage of the media, once she knew how.

Yet, at the same time Diana seemed destined to work for others through her status as royalty, which may have been manipulation, but seemed far more sincere than that. In an interesting spiritual judgment of her personality:

"Diana's first trait determined how she made choices. In balance, this trait gave her a strong desire to stabilize all aspects of her life. Because of that pull, Diana's goals focused on the equilibrium between motherhood, attention to her nation, charity work and responsibility to her husband. Without effort to achieve balance in one's life, those with this trait in excess can become lifeless--at times lacking the desire to work towards stability and only existing. Through Diana's much publicized life, depression and immobilizing mental turmoil threatened at times her very existence" (Anonymous Diana Frances Spencer George diana.html).

She married into royalty and though, at times, got caught up her status and her appearance, slowly changed her focus to people in need, which caused her conflict in relationship to here station in life, which caused her turmoil and misery. Yet, she pursued these events at whatever the cost.

Before her death she had become known as a powerful force for good in the world as she "embraced all those requiring care, even breaking the barriers associated with AIDS, leprosy, and those maimed from land mines. She had such a deep concern for each individual taught the world for which we will be forever blessed" (Anonymous Diana Frances Spencer George diana.html). She sacrificed what her royal life could have offered her. She was clearly raised to be nothing more than royalty, but she chose differently, making the conscious choice to help others in need.

We can clearly see that her natural nature was one that needed some level of appreciation, but in the end, only a tool to get recognition for her cause, whatever that might be at the time. Princess Diana was not one to be ignorant to the glory of the benefits of being in the media's eye when we speak of selfish intent. As recalled before, there was a time when she got caught up in the glamour that the media offered her. As Virginia Ginnane noted that there seemed to often be some underlying motive for much of her publicity, as illustrated by one author who states that "the camera...served also as her tool and weapon, the medium for her most striking messages" (Ginnane 42).

Her image, in front of a camera, often helps to illustrate that



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