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The Frog Princess

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"The Frog Princess"


This book is about a princess named Emma who is clumsy always trips over herself and when she laughs she sounds like a donkey. She has an aunt Grassina who's a witch. She goes to a near by swamp and meets a talking frog. The frog claims to be a prince and he wants her to kiss him. But the princess just goes home and tells nobody, what she found. Feeling bad she goes back to the swamp and decides to kiss the frog to see if he really is a prince. And he said that if she would kiss him that he would turn back into a prince. When she sees the frog again she kisses him. To her surprise it does the opposite of what the frog told her it would and it turns her into a frog.

After she realizes that something was wrong Eadric the prince frog teaches her how to live. He teaches her how to eat flies and other important things that frogs must do to stay alive. After a few days they go to find the witch that turned the prince into a frog in the first place. On their scary journey through the swamp they find a witch not however the one they were looking for. The witch brought them home and locked them up. Again having to find the way out and free themselves. They found a way out and let out the other creatures that the witch had caged up. Then they went back on their journey. They go to Emma's aunts castle and find her aunt and tell her the story of what happened.Then they all make a plan to find a charmed braclet that Emma had lost by the swamp the day she had turned into a frog. Hoping it would help them turn back into human, they find the otter that took it and make up a scam telling him that Emma was a swamp fairy wanting her bracelet back. She gets it back and before they start to leave they run into the real swamp fairy who is mad at them for imitating her. They get away from her and they end up kissing



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