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Political Issues

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Abortion is a big issue that our country is facing right now. There are two major sides to the argument. The Pro Life side believes that no matter what the abortion should not take place. There is no exception to their feelings. There could be some major health issues happening with the mother or the baby, but no abortion would happen. They risk death, for a baby.

The Pro Choice side believes that it is the woman's right to choose. This puts another beings future in to someone else's hands. They believe that if there is possible health risks then there can always be another baby, they would save the mother. They also use abortion as birth control. They don't seem to realize that they are in control of someone's future.

I think that there are circumstances that need abortions. There are some genetic disorders that shouldn't be passed on to the future generations. But it shouldn't be used as a birth control method. There are plenty of people in this world that would love to have children. Also if you are mature enough to have sex you should be thinking about the possibility of children. No matter what type of birth control is being used there is still that possibility.

Underage drinking is seen every where. It is seen on t.v., in the movies, even in our own houses. Underage drinking is now being taken lightly in our society. Right now I cannot think of one teenager that I am friends with that has not tried a beer, or whiskey, or any other type of "beverage". Underage drinking is getting harder and harder to prevent. At almost every party that I have been to there has been alcohol present.

What makes this an even bigger problem is that there are parents buying their children booze. Why would you buy stuff for your kid that can get both of you arrested? I don't understand these parents reasoning.

I think that people



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