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Issues Of Linguistic Diversity

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Essay Preview: Issues Of Linguistic Diversity

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Heterogeneous Classes 1

Heterogeneous Classes

School systems have changed a lot over the years. Children are becoming more and more

uncontrollable. The children are very defiant and really don't care. They also have no help at

home. Parents don't seem to care about them they just want the children busy doing

something so they will not be in their hair. Schools are getting were they have more

heterogeneous classes like Marsha's. Heterogeneous grouping refers to whole classes of

students of varying intellectual ability or within classroom groupings where 2-5 students of

varying abilities learn together. The situation with Marsha seems to be a lot like

what the definition describes.

Marsha has children that their home life is not the best. They have no parents that help and

guide them along the way and they really don't care. She seems to also have some that just

want some attention because they don't get any at home. Marsha also has a problem where

there are children on different levels than others. She has some that cannot read as good as

others. She has some that while she works with other, they tend to disrupt the classroom,

maybe if the school system had used the tracking system( puts children in rooms together

based on their levels) (Sadler, & Zittleman, 2009) then maybe there would not be so many


If the slow readers were put into a class that has more readers on their levels then

maybe the others would not be so bored while they are waiting on Marsha while she is reading

with the slow readers. Marsha might also try letting the students that read really well pair up

with the students that don't read well. The students that read well act like they are the teacher

Heterogeneous Classes 2

and listen to the children read to them and listen to see if they miss any words and if they miss

any words and if they do then they correct them. Students always like being the teacher.

Marsha needs to help the children that cannot speak English very well give them a new word

each day to help them learn to speak English. When you let the students help each other then

they can also work on their social skills which most of them probably need. It also helps them

to make new friends when they socialize more. Marsha can take the kids in her arms and give

them the hugs and love that they need. When a child starts causing problems then most of the

time they just need some attention and loving. Marsha has come to her wits end in with the

class. She reminds me of some of the teachers that I work with.

Marsha needs to come up with things that would help the children to become more

interesting in the class and listen while the teacher is teaching the class.



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