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Physical Science Hw

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Short Answer: Chapter 5 #2, 7, 10; Chapter 6 #8, 14

Exercises: Chapter 5 #4, 8, 16; Chapter 6 #4, 16

Chapter 5:

2.On which temperature scale would a temperature change of 10 degrees be the largest?

A change in temperature between ice point and steam point corresponds to a change of 100 degrees Celsius in Celsius scale and change of 180 degrees Celsius in a Fahrenheit scale. Therefore, for ten-degree change in Celsius scale is equivalent to 18-degree change in Fahrenheit scale. In conclusion, a temperature change of 10 degree is largest in Fahrenheit scale compared to Celsius scale.

7. Heat always flows from a high-temperature body in contact with one with a low temperature. Does heat always flow from a body with more internal energy to one with less internal energy? (Hint: Think about dropping a hot BB into a tub of water.)

A hot BB has high internal energy and water in the tub has low internal energy. So when we drop a hot BB into a tub of water, heat flows from hot BB into water until thermal equilibrium is reached, Thus heat always flows from a body with more internal energy to one with less internal energy.

10.If equal amounts of heat are added to two containers of water and the resultant temperature change of the water in one container is twice that of the water in the other container, then what can you say about the quantities of water in the containers?

You could say that the quantity of water in first container is double the quantity of water in second container.

4.A person is running a temperature of 103degreesF. What is the temperature on the Celsius scale?

Tc= 5/9(103-32) = 39.44 degrees Celsius.

8.How many kilocalories of heat does an expenditure of 250 kJ produce?

H= (250kJ) (10^3 J / 1kJ) (1 cal / 4.2 J ) = 60 kcal

16.Equal amounts of heat are added to equal masses of aluminum and iron at the same initial temperature. Which metal will have the higher final temperature, and how much greater will that temperature change be than the temperature change of the other metal?

The specific heat of aluminum is 0.22 cal/kg. degrees Celsius. The specific heat of copper is 0.092 cal/kg. degrees Celsius. Since the specific heat of aluminum is greater than that of the specific heat of copper, there is more. That is



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