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Ph Distributors - the Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Ph Distributors - the Business Plan

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Obrero, Davao City


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MBA Student

Octobernmj7, 2015

Business Name :PH Distributors.

(Professional Healthcare Distributors)

Office Location: Davao City

Business Type: Partnership

Company Background:

PH Distributors specializes in marketing and distribution of healthcare products in the Southern Mindanao region. The company extends marketing services support, promotions and distribution of a growing portfolio of specialty pharmaceutical products including vaccines, biologicals and hospital supplies, mostly from international manufacturers and many of which are leaders in their respective therapeutic areas.

PH Distributors is building a strong presence in the healthcare distribution sector by continuously seeking opportunities to provide access to quality and trusted products that will enhance the quality of human life and promote healthy living. With the increasing modernization of the healthcare sector, evolving needs of key stakeholders and customers and the growing concern of quality delivery in the Mindanao region, it is necessary to customize the service offerings so they see the value and impact of these offerings in improving the quality of life of the patients.

PH Distributors intends to keep growing as a medical services and healthcare distribution company through the following:

(a) Expand our portfolio of innovative products.

(b) Develop competitive marketing approaches in our core market areas.

(c) Establish a strong distribution network and experience.

(d) Expand geographical & specialty coverage.



To be the most preferred partner in distribution and marketing services in Southern Mindanao


To provide access to quality and trusted products that will enhance the quality of human life and promote healthy living through smart distribution and marketing solutions.

Philosophy and Strategy

Our mission is to improve the quality of human life through smart and innovative distribution. In fulfilling our management philosophy, our fundamental goal is to establish trust and grow as a company that is recognized by its customers, business partners and society for its superior services, products, technologies and employees.

Local Presence with a Local Perspective.

We live and breathe the Philippine healthcare market.

We have Industry in-depth understanding and expert knowledge is our core competitive advantage. We maintain strong professional relationships with local customers, the medical associations, key opinion leaders, hospitals and pharmacies and government regulators.

Table 1. Business Presence

Southern Mindanao

(Head Quarter) 1107 Pelayo Building, J Camus Extension, Davao City

Preferred Partner in Southern Mindanao.

We strive for professional excellence and are committed to proficiency, reliability and flexibility in all aspects of our business. PH Distributors, has experienced sales team and a wide distribution network to ensure optimal marketing and distribution of our customers’ products. We always comply with local rules and regulations.

Capitalisation and Source of Funds

PH Distributors South Mindanao : 2.5 million pesos

Table 2. Funding Source

Incorporator % Share Capital Contribution

A 25% 1,250,000.00

B 25% 1,250,000.00



Cash cash in bank, checking account balance, checks received from customers but not yet deposited.

Furniture and Fixtures This account tracks any furniture or fixtures purchased for use in the business. The value of the furniture and fixtures in this account is based on the cost of purchasing these items. These items are depreciated during their useful lifespan.

Equipment This account tracks equipment that was purchased for use for more than one year, such as computers, copiers, tools, and cash registers. Equipment is also depreciated to show that over time it gets used up and must be replaced.

Vehicle This account tracks any cars, trucks, or other vehicles owned by the business. The initial value of any vehicle is listed in this account based on the total cost paid to put the vehicle in service. Vehicles also depreciate through their useful lifespan.

Inventories This account tracks the products you have on hand to sell to your customers. The value of the assets in this account varies depending upon the way you decide to track the flow of inventory into and out of the business


Accounts Payable amount owerd to suppliers who provided goods and services to the company but did not require immediate payment in cash


Capital amount the owner invested in the company (through cash or other assets) plus earnings of the company not withdrawn by the owner


Licensing and Permits This account represents license fees, business name fees, and all the other



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