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Personality and Occupational Profile Paper

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Essay Preview: Personality and Occupational Profile Paper

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Personality and Occupational Profile Paper

        For my personality assessment, I got the acronym ENFP. The E stands for extroverted. This means that I get my energy from others. People charge my batteries in a sense. The N stands for Intuitive. Intuitive in a personality sense means that I focus more on the key concepts and ideas rather than on the cold hard facts. I more interested in the process than the final result. The F stands for feeling, which means that I make my decisions based on gut instinct and choose to to acts on my values. And finally, the P stand for perceiving. This means that I would rather be spontaneous and not plan oriented. I am flexible and down for anything, without needing the plan first.

The quiz I took on categorized my personality type as a campaigner. A campaigner is described by the website as being “the life of the party” and are less excited about the moment that they are enjoying than the the relationships that they make with others. I think that this personality type is a perfect pick for the person that I am some qualities of an ENFP are being enthusiastic, imaginative, spontaneous, flexible, creative, and quick witted. These are all qualities that I believe I possess. I rely heavily on the affirmations of others, I hold my relationships at the highest importance, and I communicate well. These are all qualities that are similar to the test I took. There was something that I did not identify with, although everything was pretty close. That thing was being “fiercely independent”. I do not believe I am fiercely independent as I do rely heavily on the people around me for my happiness and overall feeling of contentment.

Some things that the personality assessments have taught me about myself is that I am a strong communicator who needs the affirmation of the people around him. I also learned that my need to please people is because of my personality. I learned that my personality greatly affects who I am and what I do on a day to day basis. My greatest strength is my ability to push people to achieve their goals. Because I am so heavily dependent on others, I can use that to my advantage by boosting others up and helping them achieve their goals. An area of weakness that I discovered is my ability to improvise. Now this seems like a strength, but because of this ability, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing school work or buying Christmas presents. I know that I can get it done fast and get it done well, but because of this, I do it at the last minute. An area I need to improve on is my reliance on others for my sense of accomplishment. I should be happy with what I do and what I achieve, no matter what other people think of me.

My Occupational Type is a Humanitarian. As a Humanitarian, I want to make the world a better place. I want to help others as much as possible. I think this fits well with my personality. Some of the career interests that I scored highest on were persuading, building, and creating. I think persuading is an interesting characteristic for me as I do enjoy being able to persuade people to my point of view. I also do enjoy building as I am currently restoring a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle at my house. Lastly, I love creating. Creating videos of my friends or drawing pictures is something I enjoy very much.



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