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Personal Cover Letter And Portfolio

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Essay Preview: Personal Cover Letter And Portfolio

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Case One

Appeal to Buad 202

Date: December 13, 1998

To: Dr. Smith Johnson

From: Joe Doe

Subject: Appeal to Buad 202

As a transfer student with business administration major, I understand that this business writing class is very important for the students who prepare for enter the business world. Also as a member of the business club in California State Los Angeles, I know that the successful business writing skill can help the students to find a better job.

My passing in English 101 and 3.1 GPA prove I am an accountable student. I would bring my hardworking to you class even though I know nothing in business communication. Further, your class has an oral presentation project that will help us get more chances to speak to the public. Also there are many different kinds of letters and memos examples that can let me to learn more business writing skill through your class. Your acceptance is important for me - and enthusiastic student who want learn the best business communication skill.

Case Two

Change policy on returns and exchanges

To: Mary Jims

From: Joe Doe

Date: November 8, 1998

Subject: Change policy on returns and exchanges

In order to reduce the customer complains about our boutique and enhance our reputation, I suggest changing the customersÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦ exchanges and returns deadlines from two weeks to one month.

You may worry that this policy could cost the store too much money. However, if we still use this old policy, we may lose a lot of our customers and benefits. Also, the customers will feel that they cannot get the best service in our boutique.

Through the complaining letter of Mrs. Larry Brown, who wanted to exchange the other color jeans after the deadline but received our rejection. I made a little testing for our customersÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦ favors in exchanges and returns. The result shows that our boutiquesÐ'ÐŽÐ'¦ exchange deadline is shorter than the others are. Furthermore, the customers prefer a longer exchange periods. Therefore, it means customer need more time to exchange or return their purchases.

In conclusion, if we want to keep our customers and get more benefit in our boutique, our policy must be changed immediately


Ticker Meyer stove company

December 9, 1997

Mr. Ralph Johnson

1349 Ten Street

San Jan Island, CA91650

Dear Mr. Ralph

Thank you for your October 1st order. Your choice of a new wood-burning stove, the somewhat warm model, is the best stove that you can get for the warmest condition in your house at ever winter.

It is because the lack of demand of the somewhat warm model, our company has discontinued the manufactory of our product. But



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