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To whom it may concern,

The aim of this letter is to apply for a job at ASML, namely for Application engineer Demo Lab Europe

I graduated this summer from International University Bremen (Germany), and my major was Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Being a young person with high aspirations and expectations, the first aspect that I think of whenever I apply for a job, is challenge. I am looking forward to be assigned challenging tasks each and every day, starting with day one. In case I sometimes cannot do everything by myself, which is most likely to happen in a new working environment, I would like to participate in any program that might help me in that direction, or discuss with ASML professionals the problems I have to overcome.

Teamwork is another important key factor that I expect to encounter in a working

environment. I am looking forward to work in a team based on mutual respect and on

perfect composure. It is impossible to fulfill alone all the tasks required by a certain

project or study case. In addition, working in a team offers the possibility of exchanging

and sharing ideas, which is also an important factor in achieving success. I dare to say that I have experience in working in a multinational group. There were students from all across the world at International University Bremen (coming from eighty five countries) that I had to work with and live among for three years. Even though most of them had completely different backgrounds from mine, I managed to integrate in any team, communicate in a reasonable way with all of them and also help them, if necessary. Thus, I possess the ability to get along with the others, which in my opinion is the most important "non-technical" skill. Still, I know how to work independently, too.

Electrical engineering was a key interest of mine since I was a child,



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