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Paralegal Cover Letter

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Paralegal Smith

1003 Anywhere Ln.

Anywhere, TX 77073

(123) 123-4567

April 21, 2008

Ms. Amy Lawyer

Hiring Manager

Kossoris Search

123 Any Dr.

Houston, TX 77090


Dear Ms. Lawyer:

In response to the paralegal position for your client, Global Law Firm, published on the internet at and, I am writing this letter. I read about Global Law Firm being named to the Inc. 500 List as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies and that they are a Woman-Owned Law Firm.

Today I am ready to join this prestigious law firm and offer my skills on

• Intellectual Property Litigation,

• Any Technology that will be needed,

• Being “VERY Internet Savvy”, as called for in your listing,

• And being very familiar with Facebook, MYSPACE, and many more of these sites.

As per your requirement I will be receiving my Paralegal degree this month from Kaplan University, where I learned to pay attention to every detail and to work harmoniously with everyone to meet tough deadlines. I am very meticulous about the possession of all the information for a client. It is a matter of supreme importance to me that each



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