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Personal Career Goals Essay

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Prompt 1

Lawton High School is where I am currently enrolled; I am in an AP U.S. history class and an algebra two class also a Principles Of  Engineering class, which are the hardest classes I am attending. The college I would like to enroll in after high school would be KVCC for two years then I would like to transfer to a bigger college, which I do not know at this time. I would like to find a college that is mainly focused on engineering to pursue my goal of being an engineer.

My short term educational goals is to pass my hardest classes with a b+ at the least, and to pass with all A’s and B’s. I strive to put myself in the hardest classes to push myself academically. Long term academic goals for me are to hopefully get into this great opportunity and to get an early start on my college goals to attend KVCC for two years. Then move on to a bigger college to presume my goal of becoming an engineer by gaining a bachelor in either CAD. I am not sure if these main goals will change in the future but for right now this is what my eyes are set on.

My career goals are mainly set on the previous, to get a job out of the two years in KVCC in computer design and computer simulation. Then while going to a university have a job and also be learning and training for my next main job. When I was younger I wished to be a DNR officer but when I did some digging into it I realized it might not be for me. This is why I was hoping that if I were to get into this program I will be able to explore the basics of engineering and figure out which field of engineering I would want to go into. At this moment in time I am for sure set on engineering I am just not 100% sure on which field of engineering yet. Hopefully, by getting into this great opportunity I will achieve my goals and find what I will want to do for the rest of my life.



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