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Njhs Personal Profile / Formal Essay

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NJHS Personal Profile / Formal Essay

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a prestigious organization created to not only recognize, but to honor high achievers in middle school who have shown and/or demonstrated excellence in the 5 pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. I believe I demonstrate characteristics that the NJHS takes pride upon. Along the lines of my life, I have always lived by the standard of nothing less than the best, and, with no doubt, being part of an organization such as the NJHS will support me along that road. The activities I've participated in I have not done for recognition or praise, and the grades I have received weren't towards that cause as well. I strived for them because I believe success comes before work only in the dictionary. The places I am trying to go to and the places I want to see can only be achieved by hard work, and I feel that if I get inducted into the NJHS, it will help to continue my journey or excellence and success.

Growing up, I used to think grades were everything, but, in truth, scholarship is much more than getting straight A's. It is about the lifelong love of learning. I think being ignorant about grades would be one of the worst things to possibly do. Grades are very essential to me; colleges look at it, and your career is dependent on them. I have always been on the honor roll with a GPA of 4.0, and it has been so gratifying.

I feel as if I am a leader, even if I don't hold a real leadership position. To me, being a leader means to be flexible in any situation, being able to communicate to others, and to be tough but fair. I strive to help encourage others that are in need of help, and hope to be a good example of doing so. As I participate in activities where I am the leader, I make sure I am thinking "we" instead of "me", and that everyone is communicating and sharing ideas



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