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Parenting Styles And Development

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I think that the way a child is raised by his/her parents has a lot to do with how they react to things in the future. Although I believe that there are some things within a person which are going to be the way they are no matter how hard you try to change them. If you take three different adults and compare the way they are raised to how they react in adolescence you will find many differences, at least in my opinion.

If one of the adults was raised in a very strict and religious household you might find that that individual doesn’t react as harshly and unpredictably as someone who was raised in a broken home. The child who was raised with boundaries and beliefs will not have as much of a negative attitude to these changes as opposed to someone who has known nothing other than negativity their entire lives. You could also examine someone who has been raised with love and care but without any boundaries. This individual will look at this in an entire differently than most people. The reason I believe this way is because I have known these kinds of people and when they reached adolescence they took it harshly and seemed very whiney about it. They seem to take things to their parents and whine and cry about it and search for that special attention that they are used to getting and if they don’t get it they blow things out of proportion.



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