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Parenting Styles

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Chapter 4 Rachael, Stephen, Ed, Allison, Holly, Melissa, Jessica Group 1

1. What are the different parenting styles?

Authoritative - parents who use warmth firm control, rational, issue- oriented discipline, in which emphasis is placed on the development of self-direction

Authoritarian - parents who use punitive, absolute, and forceful discipline and who place premium on obedience and conformity

Indulgent - parents who are characterized by responsiveness but low demandingness and who are mainly concerned with the childs happiness. This parent is a more hands off parent allowing children to learn from their actions.

Indifferent - parents who are characterized by low levels of both responsiveness and demandingness

What are the effects of the parenting styles

Authoritative - raise a child who is self reliant and who has a strong sense of initiative. They have high self esteem and are motivated to achieve. These children learn to take responsibility, make wiser choices, cope with change and are better equipped to succeed in a work force

Authoritarian parents demand submission and obedience from their children but do not communicate in a warm way. They are not allowed to question or reason. The child can be easily misguided to follow a person who they feel is an “expert” which can include undesirable peers.

- boys become rebellious

- girls are codependent on people and have low self esteem.

- both can experience anxiety and do not do well in school

Indulgent - Being raised this way can have children confused causing them to make poor decisions such as drug abuse and can feel very insecure.

Indifferent- The child can have low self esteem and can have insecure attachment. Ignoring



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