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Paents With Technology

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In a world dominated by a wide array of technological inventions and the computer, it is unordinary for a youngster not to be exposed to video and computer games, the play station, and the Internet. The role that technology plays in the development and growth of a child has become a recognized trend in this gadget-laden world. And while it is recognized that technology, particularly computers are not supposed to replace basic human interactions and relationships, many studies have been undertaken with respect to the role of technology in the social, cognitive and language abilities of the child. They have also been recognized as important tools that aid in the learning process and growth of the child. Parents need to be the main influence in their children's life, not computers or television.

Computers are used to enhance language development of the child through computer-based readings and materials that allow for more interaction on the part of the child-learner. Children find it easier to learn their alphabets with the aid of recorded voice pronunciations in the computer and interactive images and pictures that they can manipulate. Computer programs that allow for more manipulation and interaction have been found to make a contribution to the development of the child's imagination, exploratory skills and logical thinking. As children are basically psychomotor learners and are attracted to visuals and colors, computer programs, the television and video discs have become essential tools in the delivery of the average pre-schooler's lesson. Children exposed to computers were also found to have good eye-hand coordination. Computers can be a great learning tool for children if used in a healthy way. If not used properly, the Internet may be severely damaging to the mental and physical health of children. Chatting on the Internet, which enables people as well as children to communicate, without revealing their true identity, is probably the most dangerous area on the Internet. By engaging in chat, you open yourself up to all sorts of exploitation, and personal harm. Easy access to sites promoting hatred, violence, drugs, cults, and other things not appropriate for children, is another great hazard of the Internet. Besides offering opportunities and access to unsavory activities, these sites also, quite often present misleading and inaccurate information.

In most cases, parents cannot censor what their children read online, what sites they visit, what kind of people they chat with, or the things they purchase. Accessing the Internet means accessing violent material, by means of reading and watching. Basically, a parent does not have control over what their child does. There are no restrictions on marketing products such as alcohol, tobacco, and arms to children- Marketing deceptively collects personal information from kids in order to sell products to them or their parents. Requests for personal information for contests and surveys that are used in unauthorized ways often may occur.

Technology has been found to play a part in raising a child's self-esteem and self-reliance. There is also evidence to suggest that using technology increased children's confidence, comfort, and familiarity with technology at an early age. Similarly, children who were exposed to computers and technology-assisted instruction were found to be more work-focused and more productive compared to children who had not had this experience. Technology now plays a crucial role in the development



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