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Organisational Behaviour

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Perceived organisation support (POS) can make sure employees will focus on their working ways that they will contribute to achieve the organisation’s goals. That are indispensable for a business organisation. Organisational support can enhances employees’ positive view toward their job.When the company has gives enough support to employees or workers, this will make them more energetic, motivated and confident to accomplish their job. This also can improve their performance, efficiency and effectively. When the workers connect together and unite, they can handle and solve many problems that organisation meets.

Among to the reciprocity criteria, perceived organisation support should generate a perceived obligation to care about organizational well-being and it can enable employees to work harder to help their organization to achieve their goals. We can say that, mostly people are  like this, once they receive the care and support from the other people around them, they will regain their confidence, make the work completed smoothly and make the people who support them feel proud. Moreover, they will be more active and positive in their job to enhance organisation productivity. The caring, approval and respect denoted from perceived organisation support also will fulfill their socio-emotional needs and it will lead the workers to incorporate organisational membership and the role status into their social identity. By this way it can increase worker's job satisfaction and also strengthen their positive mood in their job.

In any case, it is important to note that in order to develop and maintain employees' expectations that high performance will be properly recognized, rewards and recognition should be provided for who achieve high performance and excellent result. Some organisations put forward unrealistic requirements for high performance of employees, which leads to increased pressure on employees and decreased sense of self-efficacy, thus resulting in reduced POS. Therefore, rewards and recognition should be based on the employee's reasonable expectations in the current environment. When there have appropriate praise or commend for employees, they will happy and able to do their job more efficiency and effectively.



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