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5 Anchors Of Organisational Behaviour

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Article #1

The first article I found is called "Groundbreaking new organizational theory". I think this article relates to the systematic research anchor, because the article discusses a new scientific method of solving organizational behaviour. The scientific method they used which is called "statistico-organizational theory" is based on the accurate interpretation of the data on which organizations base their decisions. The systematic research anchor is based on OB researchers that believe in the systematic collection of data and information about organization. This method uses such techniques as forming research questions, systematically collecting data, and testing hypothesis.

Article #2

The second article I found is called "Happiness is...building a positive organization". I think this article relates to the multiple levels of anchor analysis, because the article discusses how happier employees are better workers. There are three levels of multiple levels of anchor analysis, and this article fits into the individual group. The individual group includes the characteristics and behaviors of employees as well though process attributed to them, which includes perceptions, personalities, attitudes, and values.

Article #3

My third article is called "New rules of HR engagement". I think this article also relates to the multiple levels of anchor analysis, because it is about motivating employees so they will work at a high performance. This article relates to two of the three levels of analysis which are individual and team. It is important to motivate individual employees, but the article also states that engagement happens at a team level. They promote this by using a framework called VOICE, which stands for vision, opportunity, incentive, community, an extra c for communication, and entrepreneurship.



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