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Of Mice and Men

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John Steinbeck’s 1937 classic novella, Of Mice and Men, has resonated with generations of audiences for its proficient way of exploring the complexity of human relationships of the 1930’s America. The story traces the connection of the two protagonists, George and Lennie, adroitly exploits an array of literary techniques alongside passionate characterization to develop ideas pertaining to sentimental connection, love for the disabled and a father-son relationship. For each of these points, Steinbeck efficiently shreds the multifaceted human relationships in the book, offering audiences a different view towards male relationships. Therefore, it is made clear that Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men, has thoroughly explored the complexity of human relationships.

Steinbeck proficiently explores the complexity of human relationships from chapter one, through George and Lennie’s relationship. He poses their relationship from the outset as an eccentric friendship, in this a father-son like relation is exhibited, and this is adroitly delineated through a profusion of literary devices. In the setting Steinbeck introduces George and Lennie, “They had walked in a single file down the path, and even in the open one stayed behind the other.” Steinbeck shows the reader the kind of relationship between George and Lennie, this case its father-son like. Steinbeck introduces the father-son like relationship, “… I tried not to forget. Honest to God I did, George.”  “O.K.- O.K….” Steinbeck’s use of literary devices such as the hyphen, emphasizes pause and Georges frustration and understanding. Exactly like a parent would towards their kid. George as the father is frustrated and understanding of Lennie because he cares as he would to his own son. This is proven again, “Aw, Lennie!” George puts his hand on Lennie’s shoulder. “I ain’t takin’ it away jus’ for meanness.” Steinbeck writes to show the parental love and care from George which is given to Lennie, whose childish acts made George react, as a father would. As well as that it is a pure insight to the reader allowed by Steinbeck which is a poignant moment of George’s father character. Therefore, Steinbeck’s explicit use of an array of literary techniques has proficiently explored the complexity of human relationships of George and Lennie through his book, Of Mice and Men.



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