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Of Mice And Men

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This is an illistrated report about George and Lennie trying to succeed in life by working on several different ranches to gain enough money to buy some land and buld a ranch. But every time they get a job working somewhere Lennie screws up somehow and they get ran out of town. The first scene of the book starts out ironically

enough were Lennie and George are running away from a bunch of men looking for Lennie because he wanted to touch a girls dress, not because he is a pervert but lennie is a little retarded and all he want to do was rub the girls soft dress. Lennie likes to pet soft things like mice, but every time Lennie gets ahold of one he always accidentally

kills it by petting it to hard (he is to slow to know his own strenth). Lennie is a big strong guy who has the mind of about a six year old so if he does something wrong or hurts someone he doesn't always know he is doing it. Because of Lennie's childish mind he is sensitive to things and doesn't want to hurt or fight anyone so if he hurts someone or something he didn't mean to except when George told Lennie to fight back, and when he did he started to cry because he had intentionally hurt someone. George is a short stalky man who takes care of Lennie so they wont stick him in a hospital. George gets their jobs and bails Lennie out of trouble when he gets into it. At one point in the beginning of the book George considers leaving Lennie somewhere where he'll be safe so George wouldn't have that sort of responsibility anymore and he could have a better life. When they are trying to get the jobs George does all of the talking because employers might not want to hire him and Lennie because of Lennies dissability.

John Steinbeck: Of mice and men



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