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Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men

1. The part of the movie, which I found most affective and nicely done, is the part when Lennie just realized the puppy was dead, and the way he reacts to that. Lennie freaks out and throws the puppy just as it says in the book. Then when Curley's wife comes in and sees the dead puppy she doesn't really care all she is happy bout is that she has someone to talk to. However, when all of a sudden, things turn and he will not let go of her hair, that's when things get even worse. To me I have no idea why she screams. Because it's just Lennie touching her hair, it isn't like she knew anything about him that happened before. Then Lennie kills her by breaking her neck. I do not know how that is possible but he was very strong. I feel bad for lennie because he didn't really mean to it his strength just takes over his body and he can't help it.

2. A part in the movie that changed from the book was the part where it showed the girl running at the very beginning. Which the reason she is running because Lennie did something to her she didn't want. Even though he meant no harm at all. I think the director made this change so that you could know ahead of time before George was telling Slim about it. I also think they needed to show us that because you would be able to know why they were running from dogs and had to be so quiet.

3. I think that a character that was portrayed very well in the video was Candy. The way he acted when he was excited and the way he acted when his dog was being shot. Candy was exactly what I pictured him to be. The thing I liked about him was that he was so friendly. His only real friend was his dog, which was shot. In addition, because of George and Lennie he got new friends who were planning on having a future together. From the way the book ends, I hope that George and him still build a house together.

4. One of the actors the disappointed me was Slim. I thought that slim would be in more than what he was. The amount that you heard about him in the book didn't nearly show in the video. The role could have



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