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Of Mice And Men

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Initially, I decided to read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men for dubious reasons - to be more well-read and maybe earn brownie points with future English teachers. Plus, Of Mice and Men is one of the shortest classics. Thus, it would be a correct assumption that when I sat down to venture into the world of literature, my attitude was certainly not one of eagerness. Despite all this, I was completely enraptured. Steinbeck transported me from my honors English mindset to delight with simple language and what I refer to as "down on the farm" dialect.

Of Mice and Men focuses on the most important of human relationships: between a man and his best friend. In this case, however, the relationship is atypical, since Lennie is a large man with a child's mind and his friend George seems both fiercely angry and protective.

Steinbeck describes George and Lennie's journeys, often revealing how the simple-minded are abused in society. Dialogue is entertaining and thought-provoking, as the reader is invited back to childhood by Lennie. Of Mice and Men entertains the child within while wrenching the hearts of those who have faced life's cruelties. The reader must be warned about the language - it harshly expresses the anger of the world.

This novel is perfect for anyone who wants to become more educated about the many types of writings that are timeless. Of Mice and Men is also a good choice for one who needs to be reminded of life's simple pleasures. Sometimes it is just nice to stop and pat the bunnies.



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