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Of Mice And Men Movie Review

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For anyone who has ever had a dream. This movie takes place during the great depression and follows two drifters Lennie (John Malkovich) and George (Gary Sinise). Lennie is a big mentally challenged man who has the mind of a child and doesn't know his own strength. George is a smaller guy who has been taking care of Lennie ever since his Aunt Clara died who has raised him since he was a child. George and Lennie have a dream of one day owning a small farm house with some animals. Lennie's shortcomings lead to tragedy.

First of all the acting is great in this film. John Malkovich captures Lennies character perfect, this is exactly how I pictured Lennie with his clumsy big body. Gary Sinise who also directed the film plays the part of George does a very convincing job of protecting Lennie.

I disliked how the film opens with George and Lennie on the run, being chased by a group of men armed with rifles and led by hunting dogs. The viewer is led to believe that George and Lennie are bad and have committed a crime, which we know is not true, the incident in Weed was a misunderstanding. Secondly I really liked how John Malkovich portrayed Lennie Small. He really did an excellent job of pretending to be innocent and mentally challenged. His portrayal made me feel kind for the people that struggle in life. Lastly, in my opinion the film-maker did a really good job of transforming Steinbeck's novel "Of mice and men" into a movie. I believe that the right mixture of action and humor is in the film and the mood of the novel is captured very well.

This is a wonderful film, a story about the friendship between two drifters working the fields during the Depression so they can fulfill their dreams. I think the whole cast is really strong and the story is very good. I definitely recommend this film to anyone who has read the book or just wants to see a good touching film with



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