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Odeipus The King

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In my opinion, Oedipus is somewhere in between being a great man and a fool.

In the story Oedipus the King, Oedipus is a strong King who defeated the Sphinx, and ruled the city of Thebes for many years. He learned that the King that ruled the city before him was murdered, and he set out on a rendition to bring the former Kings' murderer to justice and to rid the city of the plague that has befallen on them. Oedipus seeks an answer from the gods and from the prophet Tiresias. Tiresias told King Oedipus, "You are the murderer you hunt". Once he learned the truth, Oedipus accused Tiresias and his own brother in law Creon, of conspiring against him to take his throne. He was not convinced that he killed the former King. A messenger, was sent to tell Oedipus, that his Father, King of Corinth, is now dead and he is to be the new ruler of Corinth. Oedipus also learns from this messenger that the King of Corinth was not his real father, but he was found and given to the King by the same Messenger who brought the news of his Fathers Death. Oedipus soon discovers that he indeed was the murderer of the former King of Thebes, King Lauis, his Father. King Lauis and his wife Jocasta bore a son, Oedipus, and it was foretold that the son would rise and kill his Father and marry his Mother. Oedipus was sent away to be killed, but a Shepherd had mercy on him and gave him to another Shepherd of another land, who gave the boy to the King and Queen of Corinth to raise as their own. Once Oedipus was older, he too learned of his terrible fate that he would one day kill his father and bare children with his mother. To keep the prophesy from being fulfilled, he left the land of Corinth, and he meet up with his destiny.

Oedipus's character and personality can be described in many ways. He was crude, stubborn, controlling, but he was also very loyal, self-confident, and truly concerned for the people of his country. It was



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