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Objectives Of The Cuban Revolution

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The objectives of the Cuban revolution were made around the overall goal of improved life for the citizens. Although the objectives were not perfectly successful, the essence of each goal has been met in most cases.

The first objective was simple liberation, with Che Guevara claiming that this was the path to take if citizens wanted to live in an improved society. The hope for the new society spread as Cuba went through a second phase, practical socialism. To achieve this, land was equally divided; education and social reforms took place, and most importantly of all, urban workers were cooperating and dedicated to this new society. Goals of liberation and a new society were met because the majority of the citizens wanted a better life, and were willing to work hard to obtain it. The third phase Cuba went through was taking the Marxist idea for the national policy. That ended and Cuba went through a communist phase. All of this experimenting of Cuba is good because it helped Fidel Castro decide what was best for Cuba, or himself.

The objectives Castro had when he first controlled Cuba were to remove the American control of the economy and become less dependent on the U.S. Cuba expropriated U.S. investments without payment to turn the control back over to them. As a result, the U.S. hated the Castro regime. Cuba also nationalized the manufacturing industries, splitting the plantations into food producing, cattle-raising, and sugar/rice sections, all to break the Cuban reliance on its export crops and attempt "to achieve rapid industrialization in the hope of diversifying the economy". The U.S. retaliated by reducing the sugar quota, and set a trade embargo until all of the money owed was paid. Without the American assurance of a sugar market, along with the fact that Cuba was relying mostly on those two export crops, the industry died. Cuba couldn't pull out of this hole and the industrialization projects failed because of the need for expertise and an existing



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