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Noahs Ark

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26 November 2007

Noah's Ark a True Story

You have probably heard the story of Noah's ark, But have you ever wondered if it was true? Here I am going to prove that Noah's ark was a true story. Noah's ark is accurate and really happened because there is proof of the remains of Noah's ark on the mountain that the bible says it landed on, all of the dimensions of the ark are convincingly probable, and everything that the story says is possible.

The ark was not impossibly huge. It was actually about the same size of a modern cargo ship. It was obviously well planned and designed, it was built the biggest a wooden ship can be built. There where bigger ships built of steel in the 1800 like the titanic. The book “Noah's Ark: A Feasible Study” says that only sixteen-thousand animals would have had to be aboard the ark. The animals that needed to fit where probably young. Younger animals need less room, less food, and make less waste. A lot of the species today wouldn't have needed to be on the ark because there only needed to be two of each type of animal, for example Noah would have only needed to have two birds which branched out into all of the species of birds there are today.

On Mt. Ararat remains of the ark are still there today which is where the bible says it landed. After an earthquake in 1978 what appeared to be wood could bee seen on the mountain. Other items they found on Mt. Ararat were anchors, rivets, and big rocks with seventeen crosses carved into the side. The dimensions of the remains are close to those that the bible says the ark was built by. The rivets contained aluminum which is not a naturally accruing metal so it would have had to be man made.

The size of Noah's ark is very acceptable and likely. It was approximately the size of a moden-day cargo ship. It wasn't an impossibly-big ship. In the 1800 bigger ships made of steel where made such as the titanic. Noah's ark was built the biggest that a wooden ship can be built. It is one of the largest ships ever constructed of wood. The ship was at least 450 cubits long and 75 cubits wide. A cubit was the length from your fingertips to your elbow and was about 18 to 22 inches long. Noah probably used technology to build the ark. They had technology to build city interments and forge metal. Also technology was almost definitely lost in the flood. Throughout history inventions have been reinvented like for example concrete. The bible doesn't suggest that noah built the ark by himself, he could have had his family working on it with him or hired workers to help. The dimensions and building of the ark are probable.

Noah didn't have to personally go out and find all of the animals. God sent the animals to Noah, so he didn't have to go looking for them. In the bible God says “Two of every animal will come to you to keep them alive.”. The animals could have came from all over because the world was different before the flood. There was probably only one continent. If there was only one content all of the animals could have just walked over while Noah was building the ark. The bible says that God made the ocean basins so that there would be somewhere safe for the water to go after



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