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The Life of Noah Webster

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        Noah Webster was born on October 16, 1758 to his father and mother in West Hartford Connecticut.  During the early years of his life Noah Webster showed a great interest in education as well as ways to expand his knowledge.  So, it came as no great surprise to his parents when at the age of 16 he enrolled into Yale College to study law.  Throughout the life of Noah Webster many great things were accomplished by this man, but some of his greatest and most well-known accomplishments were in his contribution to American Education.
        During his early years at school he devoted his time in studying the different aspects of the field of law.  Unfortunately for him
 his schooling was cut short by the Revolutionary War where he went to serve under his father.  After the war Noah Webster still had a strong desire to return back to Yale.  Upon his return Noah dove back into his studies and finally graduated in 1778.  His education did not end at Yale though.  For once he had graduated he placed much study on furthering his education of the aspects and processes of the legal system.  After three years of much study and hard work Noah Webster was admitted into the bar in 1781.  

        Having passed the bar exam many of Noah Webster’s peers expected him to take the education he had possessed and to use it in a law practice.  To their surprise Noah had a strong desire to pass the knowledge he had possessed onto the next generation.  So in 1782 Noah Webster started his teaching career in Goshen, New York.  Almost immediately as soon as he started teaching Noah Webster recognized the lack of a written law for the English Language.  Having had a strong legal background Webster fervently worked to publish a written law for the English Language.  Noah Webster’s dream broke into reality in the year 1784.  During 1784 Noah Webster published a spelling book along will a three part Grammar education series called A Grammatical Institute of the English Language. Theses two publications along with several others were later compiled together to make up the Blue Back speller.

        The Blue Back speller was a turning point in the field of education. Webster believed that the fledging country needed its own text books as well as a codified language to stand on.  He wrote, “Now is the time and this country in which we may expect success in attempting changes to language, science, and government.  Let us then seize the present moment and establish a national language as well as a national government.”  His speller as well as his grammar all incorporate American Heroes as well as authors with the goal of creation national symbols to strengthen and uplift the country.  Between 1783 and the early 1900s it has been Estimated that Webster’s’ spelling book sold nearly 100 million copies. Over 30 influential textbooks followed, including History of the United States, the nation’s first full-length history.  These text book would influence the world for years far exceeding the life of Noah Webster.



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