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Building the Ark

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As Yvonne just said right now there is a critical question regarding which animals need to be save. Those large animals who bring crowd and don’t need the immediate attention from zoos or those who are at risk of their extinction in this moment.

From 19th century, American zoos were involved in animal conversation. At the end of the century, the Cincinnati zoo tried to breed pigeons whose numbers were in rapid decline, but they were unsuccessful to do it. Later in the early 20th century the Bronx zoo stared the same path as the Cincinnati zoo, but this time the Bronx zoo were able to star helping animal from their extinction. The Bronx zoo began a program in order to help the wild American bison whose species had just 325 left in north America.

Because these programs to help animal are usually expensive, the institutions in charge are usually led by large, big-city zoos who don’t apply their expertise in order to give equal help. In order words, these big zoos tend to focus their effort in help just certain type of animals. But the good news is that smaller zoos are increasingly joining in. for instance, The Miller Zoo located in Illinois, is one of the smallest zoos in the United States that has bred red wolves and is hoping to breed the endangered Mount Graham red squirrel.

although small animals don’t require a huge amount of space and they can be easy to maintain, the thing is that zoos also have to financially support themselves and small animal like squirrel don’t attract the necessary crowd in order to keep business running. Therefore, some institutions are going to have to make a really difficult decision between save large animals, most of the time, the popular or save the little ones.

In other words, who animals would you like to save?  Our funny friend panda or those little amphibians who sometimes in zoos are like sleeping all the time.



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