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Nga Report

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Assignment no 1

Research Paper Topic:

750 words max.

Deadline: Tues 1 April 2008

Choose an artwork currently on exhibit at the National Gallery of Australia (including Sculpture Garden) that relates to/references issues of the body and/or embodiment. The artwork may take the form of sculpture, installation, video performance, carving, jewelry, metal-work, or painting. Demonstrate your scholarly research abilities by identifying the historical, social and cultural context of the work by the artist/s, and discuss how the body is textualised in the work, and its wider significance.

This is a research paper and conventional scholarly referencing still applies. However, should you wish, you may adopt a more “relaxed” presentational style and be creative in terms of your response to the work. Please email your tutors or see the course convener if you have any queries.

All essays are to be submitted to the School of Humanities office. Make sure you use the correct cover sheet and place the essays in the essay chute for date stamping. It is your responsibility to keep a copy of the essays. The essay chute is cleared at 4.45 pm daily. Essays submitted after 4.45 pm will be stamped the next day. We do not accept essays by email or fax.

Assessment Criteria

The following criteria will be applied to the assessment of both assignments:


Focus on question

Originality of ideas

Complexity of analysis/concepts

Coverage of relevant issues

Clarity of argument/explanations

inclusion of adequate detail to support opinions or ideas

Ability to use secondary sources appropriately


overall structure of essay

logic and coherence of sentences and paragraphs

word choice and vitality of writing style



Marking Scale

High Distinction (Above 80):

• Work of exceptional quality showing a command of subject matter and appreciation of issues;

• Has a clearly formulated argument which is developed throughout the work;

• Engages the question or topic throughout the assignment;

• Demonstrates wide reading of relevant literature;

• Very well expressed;

• High level of intellectual work.

Distinction (70-79):

• Work of high quality showing strong grasp of subject matter and appreciation of major issues though not necessarily of the finer points;

• Has a clear argument which may not be fully sustained throughout the work;




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