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Narrative Essay

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I received my first real detective case today. It was from Lola Whisner, the Principle at Valen Elementary school. She proclaimed that some one had broken into her school and stole all the lunches. I told her to have no fear the deciphernator is here!

When I arrived at the school I knew just how to find these children's lunches. Aw Ah! The first thought that came to my mind was to find all the ants I could gather. First I scurried over to my Hot yellow detective Van. The only one in town! Ping. Pang. Pow. I got it, I yanked out my huge glass jar with dust still on the lid. I would need this to carry all the ants I need to find the lunches. I skipped then hopped, singing "Hi, Ho the dairy oh, It's off the work I go," all the way down the sidewalk until I reached the playground. This is where I am going to catch all those tiny critters. I slowly pulled out my magnify glass from my shirt pocket, the reached for my tweezers from my pants pocket. I ducked under the slide first and picked me up some worker ants and placed them into my jar. Then I look under the merry-go-round and that's when I the biggest ant ever he was as big as Hercules! I swear he was the biggest ant I ever seen. Note to self, Tell Lola see needs to call an exterminator out here as soon as possible. Anyways, a few ants here and a few ants there, then I darted on over to the cafeteria. I twisted the cap off of my jar and let the Ants work their Magic. My plan is to follow their lead because they will track down any evidence of crumbs from the lunches and lead me to the thief who has taken the lunches. "Oh my gosh this is a disaster there are ants everywhere!" I said to myself. These ants have gone crazy and are not getting the job done. They are not creating a trail to follow. I must resort to plan B.

Okay, plan B is to bring in Chopper. He is the world champion because of his nose. He can sniff out a needle in a hay stack. He will come to the school and sniff until he can can't sniff no more. I am positive this will work because he has never failed any tasks given to him. When



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