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Narrative Essay

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Adam Hebert

Eng 101

Narrative Essay вЂ" Final Draft

You Catch More Flies With Honey Than With Vinegar

When I was a child, I always considered myself to be shy. I would never talk to anyone in school other than my teachers and then it would only be concerning my assignments. I felt as though I did not belong with my peers. They all seemed so happy to be in school with each other. I always found myself sitting in the corners, watching in jealousy as the children played games and talked about what they did that weekend. I never understood why I could not ever just open my mouth and say what I wanted to say. It seemed as though every time I spoke, all that came out was a peep and it seemed as though no one was listening to hear it anyways.

This continued on for a few years. Unfortunately, I managed to not make any friends all they way up to fifth grade. That was the year my parents saved my life. As I got older, my social handicap seemed more evident then ever. I did not even know if it was that I did not fit in, or if the other kids didn’t want me to. Fortunately, my parents decided to move. At first I was hesitant, because I did manage to find two friends over the years and we became very close. When I first arrived in the new town of Westminster, which was apparently only five minutes away down the highway, I was shocked to see how different it looked. It went from street signs and buildings to trees and barns. It was quiet a transformation from the constant noise in Leominster.

For the first three months of living in our new house, I was not attending school as it was summer at the time. The whole time, I did not leave my house due to seeing other kids playing in the neighborhood. It seemed my conversational disability was going to prevail in Westminster as well. It was not until my first day of school that I met my neighbors for the first time at the bus stop. I felt odd and uncomfortable when Derek, my neighbor immediately to the left of my new house, suddenly spoke to me. “Hey! My names Derek! Did you move into that yellow house beside me?” he asked. “Yes,” I reluctantly replied, careful to let out only a peep. It had always kept my sanity in the past. I figured that if I stayed away from people, they wouldn’t be able to reject me. To my dismay, he continued on, “Cool! What’s your name?” “Adam,” I quietly replied in another peep. “Adam? Really? That was my best friend’s name in my old town!” Derek said, making it apparent that he had just moved into the area himself.

That is when the thought first occurred to me, why can’t I be as comfortable and friendly if we are in the same predicament? We both just recently moved into the area and we both do not have any friends. Yet he is there, trying to make conversation and friends while I am just trying to avoid the situation in general. Shortly after Derek started talking, he must have realized that conversation with me was ill fated



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