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Narrative Essay

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Can you think of a time when you were feeling down and everyone else is having a good time? The best think you can do is cheer someone else up. That sometimes makes me feel better. Not to long ago I wasn't cheerful around my friends. I was just having a bad day. Neither was my friend Mark. We both were on the same team for badminton in gym. Our other good friend Wade was cheating on us. So that was making Mark mad. I had to cheer Mark up to cheer myself up. Mark was mad as a bee gets when humans come near their nest. My main points are that Wade was cheating and upsetting me and Mark. Wade then cheered me up with a dollar for a drink. Then Mark and Wade made me choose who is a better friend.

First, it was two weeks ago in gym class where we had to choose teams for a badminton tournament. Mark chose me to be his partner and Wade chose Jeff to be his. Every time we played Wade and Jeff would give points out of nowhere to the other teams so we'd lose. Whenever I would spike the birdie to the floor it would go dink! Then I yell in front of Wade's face. That's how that all started. This goes on for like three days until gym class again.

Next class we started it again, well actually Wade and Jeff did. They make us lose some more and we would bicker more at each other. Towards the end of class Wade gave me a dollar for a drink. That's how Wade cheered me up. Mark yelled, "don't talk to the enemy." I was like "it is just a dollar dawg!" Mark then replies, "this friendship is over." I thought he was kidding because he smiled and laughed. So me and Wade start talking in front of Mark to make him more angry. Then Mark said "me or Wade," I answer back "I don't know." Wade then said, "who have you known longer." I have known Wade since 7th grade and Mark 9th grade. So I said "Wade" and Mark ran off. He ran like a lion chasing a deer.

Finally every time I would stop by his locker he would hurry up and walk away. After all this it was making me feel bad. So I finally got to talk to Mark at lunch



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