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My Ethics, My Codes Of Life

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My Ethics, My Codes of Life

Ethics in my own words mean a set of moral principles. Rules that conduct your ever day life. In my culture ethics are a very important subject they make up who and what you are. Some of my biggest aspects are following the -------------being fair and kind to every color, culture and religion also the 10 commandments of life and lastly looking in the good even in the worst of people and situation's.

I have always been told as a child and still today "you can't judge a book by its cover". I believe when you put your faith and trust in to someone that they can't let you down hopefully they won't disappoint you. I value trust more than any other thing in this world. Trust is then route to success; without trust this world would be worse than it already is today. Whenever meeting someone I try not to come off as someone has no friends and is the type of person who follows and try's to copy every waking moment move you do. But as a person who's there to lend a shoulder to cry on or have long and said conversations to. I am not one to disappoint or give you a lie straight to your face; I'm the girl who will always follow through.

It was not till last week I had really learned what are schools and world is like today. After waking through the halls for almost 10 weeks know I realized you can't judge a person if you don't know them how would it feel to have the tables turned on you and you were picked on every day and you got judge by the way you dressed and the kind of book bag on would you like it? Let me ask you a question do you realize that more than 77% of kids in public schools are bullied every day and every 7 minutes one kid gets bullied because of trust issues (studies of the BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS) know one realizes this stuff unless it's in a magazine or on TV these days.

If are world was



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