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My Childhood - Personal Essay

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Very touched.

Really like a documentary, this is completely my childhood. The whole movie was in one go, and it was too short to see.

Xi Bula said: Their monkeys are cut by his father, and my monkey is my own! I am very bloody.

Teacher M is a clear stream in the mountains. She is gentle, beautiful and generous. I estimate that every man's hour goddess is of this type. I don't understand psychology, but according to my own experience and emotions, Xibru's feelings for the teacher not only have gratitude to the teacher, but also include the love for such a perfect woman. This is a man. Awakening of the opposite sex consciousness. The final fate of Teacher Mi made me very uncomfortable, Yang Chunbai and the lower Liba people, hehe.

I just graduated from college and came to Hangzhou, a completely strange city. I was so lonely and powerless that I was in a rented house of ten or so. I am grateful to the director for making such a beautiful movie, injecting strength into my lazy and negative body, and swaying in my sad and depressed heart.

One side of the water and soil, the perfect reappearance of Guanzhong 80 after a child, Xibru and Yanghua's performance is impeccable, Bru is late, the field roasting red dragonfly and other dad, running in the snow chasing the father who finished the work home Lu Xun's "early" on the table, the 38th line, Yang Hua read the text, where is the spring before the class, Yang Hua asked the family to ask for money to roll on the ground, it is exactly the same copy of his childhood, when the child is lack of material, A boy's iron ring, a girl's sandbag, can play from sunrise to sunset, when we are busy with wheat, we have to pay the grain, the subject is only Chinese mathematics, the belly button of the earth playground is hanging up and laughing. Innocent,



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