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Music Is Were The Heart Is

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Music is where the heart is

Has a song ever flowed into the moment so perfectly that you can feel the artist soul take you over? It would be safe to say that this has happened to everyone. Humans as artistic creatures have the need to not only express their feelings in words but also create an atmosphere of emotion with music so that their very soul is out in the open for the world to hear. Fear, anger, heartbreak, rebellion, and love are all things we express creatively through music. These emotions are expressed differently through out the many types of music that the world has to offer and all have very distinct sounds.

Punk is the epitome of an obnoxious rebellion, circle jerks pissed at the world. Basically punk is a lifestyle that has grown from original to mainstream and back. The raw fast music created by urban youth has influenced people around the world with catchy anthems of rebellion and unity. A lot of the vulgar and aggressive qualities have been lost in this music over the years as it's become more popular. Punk is now watered down with love ballads and bands dressing the part, misrepresenting the original intentions of punk with its anti conformist values. I think this quote by black flag sums up my view on punk, "we are born with chance, and I am going to have my chance. We are tired of your abuse, try to stop us but its no use."

Hip hop originally had intentions of help the minority's struggle be more broad band exposed outside the ghettos to raise attention to the problems they endure because of their status economically and socially. Free styling is a style of hip hop that can show some ones talent, proficiency and mastery of the art that is hip hop. this is often shown by personality and the character that the artist is trying to convey. Hip hop is vocally driven and does not focus on the beat as much as the message. if you do come across hip hop that is looped with



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