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Movies Heroes

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I have seen many films, episodes, and all time favorites throughout my life. Attitudes, styles, and feelings are carried out in each film. You learn to enjoy watching these characters assume their role and act in such a notorious way. Every character has his or her way of acting. For example, to be considered a hero in a film, you must be the underdog and be victorious. You can be in romance if you are confident, good-looking, and soft spoken. , you must be the underdog and be victorious. You can be in romance if you are confident, good-looking, and soft spoken. You can be the bully or the nerd. All of these internal and external appearances are all based on performance.

Sylvester Stallone will forever be linked to the king of the ring. His little frame accompanied by his tremendous heart just inspired anyone who watched him. Every time you watch a Rocky movie, you feel like you can conquer the world. He used the same technique in some movies, such as, Rambo and Cobra.

In Rambo, Stallone was a one-man wrecking crew that he also portrayed in Rocky. He would be sent on one-man missions to destroy the whole country. Throughout all of Stallones movies he has portrayed that love to be the hero. His upbringing, to his sweat filled workouts in the boxing rings of South Philadelphia, has turned him into our hero. He never talked trash he was just a pure fighter overcoming the odds.

Harrison Ford is another actor who uses his special talents to be a hero. His Indiana Jones and Star Wars series have been some of the best selling movies of all time. In Indiana Jones, Ford uses intelligence and strength to always save a female or a whole community by himself. He would be called upon, or already be investigating a problem. Next thing you know he is fighting against the whole German Nazi army and coming out victorious.

Star Wars was another great battle. This encounter was with a different set of people. He battles with Aliens from outer space. He receives help from another hero in this movie. It was his long time friend, Luke Skywalker,



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