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Movie Review - the Odd Life of Timothy Green

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Essay Preview: Movie Review - the Odd Life of Timothy Green

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Written and Directed         Produsered

 Peter Hedges          Walt Disney Pictures


           Jennifer Garner        Odeya Rush

             CJ Adams        Joel Edgerton

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The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is a heart-warming movie, that will make the people who watching it’ll experience about the fantasy, comedy, drama, and emotional from this movie.The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is a story about a childless couple (Jim and Cindy Green) who explain their experience with Timothy in effort to persuade an adoption agency to allow them to adopt a child.

Jim and Cindy Green live in Stanleyville, North Carolina as “The pencil capital of the world”. Jim works in pencil factory and Cindy works in local pencil museum. The doctor said they can’t have their own child and that make them really sad and hard to accept that. Jim sees his wife keep crying, he trying to comforting his wife and actually he comforting him self too with try to make a notes with their 8 wishes about their ideal child (Determined child who never give up, Have a good heart, Funny kid like Cindy’s uncle Bub, Honest to a fault, Rock-in, Picasso with the pencil, Loving and be loved, Got scored the winning goal). They places the notes of their wishes inside a wooden box and buries it in the backyard garden.

In the night of rain and thunder, a child covering in mud arrives at their home claiming the Greens as his parent, named Timothy, is the name that they wish for their child would be. Jim and Cindy Green who have no idea about that child, finding the box they buried smashed to pieces. They realize that child is a “gift” for them from the wishes they buried. Jim and Cindy also find out the leaves growing on his legs and Timothy said “Please, don’t ask anything about my leaves. But you can look it”, that words which is means something that he couldn’t tell his parents.

The next day, at a family picnic Timothy is introduced to members of his family. Cindy who afraid what people thinking about Timothy’s leaves, covering it in long socks and said to Timothy “not to tell anyone, because not everyone like the differences”.

Timothy begins attend the schooll and got bullied from the other kids. For the apologizing, parent of the that kids invite Timothy to their pool party. In that party, a girl seen the Timothy’s leaves and make Timothy running away if he meet that girl (Joni). Jody who have a scar in her shoulder, talk to Timothy that “not only you have a secret” and they become a close friend. In that moment Timothy has lose one of his leaves because he fill one of his parent wish, to have a good heart

Uncle Bub get into the hospital, Timothy with his cheerfull and his Brightside, he make some a joke that make uncle Bub laugh and then the other leave fall because of fulfillment his parent wishes (Funny like uncle Bub).

The third leave fall when Timothy draw his mother’s Boss (Picasso with the pencil) with his honesthy about everthing he saw (Honest to a fault) for the other leave that he lose.

The next leave he lose is in his mother’s sister yearly family concert. Timothy’s parent realize that their son is like their wish (Rock) and make they think about Timothy “got a scored  the winning goal “  just like their wish in the competition. But that is not like they expect, Timothy certainly got a scored, but that’s the wrong goal and Timothy lose his leaves again. About that Jim and Cindy keep arguing each other about the mistake the they make and realize that they are not a good parent.



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