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Movie Adventure

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Story of my Choice

It seemed forever till the weekend was going to come its way here it was and everyone was looking forward to the great plans they had. First off on Friday Randall was looking forward to going to the concert Friday with his friends and one of them he hasn’t seen for a while now so it was going to be a great day.

So when the very last class of the day got out everyone gathered in the hallway to talk about what they were all doing, Randall noticed that no one ever mentioned his name in what was going on.

So he asked them what was actually going on only to find out that he wasn’t really invited to the event in the first place, trying to find a way doing so it seemed that there wasn’t any room for him in the car so he decided just to accept that he was going to be doing nothing at all that day, so Randall went home and played video games for a few hours and then watched TV till like 2 a.m.

Next day was his friend’s Seth’s birthday, so he went over to his house along with Todd and got some pizza and hung out till like 4. Then they picked up Seth’s girlfriend Bethany and left to go to Britney house who was with Sherry and Angelina. Got them all together, and went off to go to some town that Randall and just about everyone else never heard of for some “Haunted hay loft” house. After what seemed like an hour sitting in a car they all finally made it to the “Haunted Hay Loft House”. After watching little kids pour out of it and all of them crying Randall thought at least it should be somewhat scary since it made little kids cry, course then again little kids cry when they don’t get the type of candy they don’t get so something that makes a children cry isn’t really saying something. Paying 5 dollars Randall was now hoping it was going to be fantastic since he was expecting to pay only 2 bucks for this, but for 5 dollars he could have gone to a movie during matinee time, so he wanted movie level entertainment. Walking in the found out that for some reason hey had little kids as the monsters, in



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