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Morality & Ethics

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The solution of the Case

The incidents occurred with the four females of Hogwartz because the culprits behind the incidents had lack of virtue in their characteristics. The depth of the crimes was different from each other. First two crimes are not punishable but the culprits behind third crime and the fourth crime can be taken in custody and are punishable

What happened with Hermione Granger Padma Patil are definitely notorious but the culprits cannot be taken under punishment as law didn’t marked “lewdly stating” as a punishable crime. The incident occurred with Pomona Sprout is very much unwanted and Pomona could notify this incident to higher authority and asks for justice. Finally what happened with Pansy Parkinson in unacceptable by every means and it is the most serious and hideous crime mentioned above.

Though some crimes mentioned above is more serious than the others but the reason behind the incidents have to be considered very seriously for each of the incidents. Because generally an incident might seem light but if not considered seriously and not prevented it might result into more serious and hideous crime in future. Generally a person doesn’t involve in big crimes at the first phase. He may starts with some crimes which are not punishable but unethical or morally not accepted like the first two incidents. But when the person is not warned for his crime then he becomes furious and start doing hideous and start doing other serious crimes such as third and fourth incidents.

The main reason behind the occurred incidents is actually a lack of virtue in the heart. From ancient time females are neglected in most of the societies arguably in all societies because females are physically considered weaker and only a content of enjoyment for men. Many a times it is forgotten by lust filled men that women are also human being. They have their own choice as well. If women says no to any offer it means no. If a men wants he just can’t watch any women lewdly. Every person can express his desire but it have to be desired in a socially accepted way and if refused the aftermath can’t be disturbing or violent. Most importantly no person has the right to hurt or abuse any other person physically and mentally.

As a solution I believe a 360 degree action should be considered. Firstly, by taking consideration the suggestions suggested by Lucius Malfow, the culprits behind Pansy Parkinson’s incident should be identified and given highest punishment which is allowed under the existing law in the discussed society as soon as possible because justice delayed justice denied. This should be done to make an example that no one will get away by doing crime. Then by taking into considerations Gawain Robards suggestion the law policies should be upgraded to prevent future incidents. The judgment process of the incidents mentioned above can’t be applied under the proposed upgraded law. Any crime which was occurred before the passing day of the law have to be justified under the previous law. Then Professor Quirrell and the staff who conducted the ethically unwanted misdeed with the victims should be warned that further this kind of attitude will not be accepted. Finally according to Albus Dumbledore’s suggestion there should an awareness program for the society to understand that how wrong the incidents was.



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