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Ethics And Morality

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The word of "ethics" and "morality" are changed through what they mean for all the times and places. The reason of this is because the people from different cultures and times need different concepts which mean "ethics" a d "morality" so they changed the coÐ"Ð...ncept of this word - what they mean with respect to their needs.

In the first ages, in Ancient Greek, because of the class difference, Plato calls "ethics" for only people who were royal, su the rules about ethics Ð'- which was a measurement of human treatments as it is right or wrong Ð'- were created by royal people which consisted of their needs and were applied to all kinds of classes in the society which did not answer the lower classes' needs.

In the middle age, before Reneissance in Europe, the concepts of "ethics" and "morality" were changed by the ruler class in religion who has a great effect on the society. With the help of their power on the society, the word "ethical" changed as possible as they wanted and according to their needs. When someone said "ethics" the first thing that come to people's mind was religion, which was a symbol of that what directed their lives.

In Reneissance and Reform in Europe, the idea of "Humanism" came up, which turned the concept of ethics inside out. Before Reneissance and Reform in Europe the ethics were changed by always a group of people which has effects on the society Ð'- like the royal class. Just before Reneissance and Reform in Europe the ruler class was changing ethics according to religious states. Reneissance and Reform broke the walls of the closed, restricted "religious" ethics rules. For the first time, the ruler class's authority was shaken from its position. The idea of Humanism is "a broad category of active ethical philosophies that affirm the dignity



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