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Monster Inc

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The film “MONSTERS INC” created by Pete Doctor, Jill Culton, Jeff Pidgeon and Ralph Eggleston, written in 2001 is centred on two monsters, Sully and Mike. They are employed at an energy-producing factory Monsters INC, their employees generate their city’s power by scaring human children. Monster INC is a business who aims to extract screams. I believe that a successful business understands that there is always room for improvement to become more efficient and productive, and to respond to market changes faster. The business in order to success the following factors: a well being of a worker, goals, operations and the skills of an entrepreneur. however, the Monster INC employees should understand the need for improving their business process to become more productive.

Monster INC’s goals and main priorities are to retrieve loud screams for young children by frightening them in order to meet supply and demand and provide goods and services. The screams of the young children power their city, to make their business effective and successful by giving the consumers resources such as. Another goal was to not let any children into the monster world. This helps them to do their daily routines such as turning them a light on or vacuuming the floor. Their main goal is to power the whole city through the children scream.

Mr Waternoose the owner of the business brought positivity to the business. He made the business very successful through his traits such as positive attitude which encouraged other monsters to be dedicated towards their work. Mr Waternoose trained useless monsters into efficient workers. Mr Waternoose impacted the business in a very positive way as he was very strict towards the business which made the business very successful.

It is honourable for the monsters to work in the Monster INC factory as it helps their self-esteem and their only way of income. The skills that the monsters



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