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Monster Pitch

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By a show of hands, how many people here have had an energy drink? If you raised your hand, you are part of the 31% of U.S. teenagers who drink energy drinks according to recent research. This 31% represents 7.6 million teens, which is up about 3 million in three years. I bring to you today a monster name in the energy drink business, affiliated with bands and artists such as Rob Zombie, Atreyu, and Ill Nino and many extreme athletes, Monster Energy. Monster energy is listed in the top 5 best energy drinks and shares the highest profits of energy drinks with RockStar Energy and Red Bull. The difference that Monster has from RockStar and Red Bull is that it comes in 4 separate flavors, Original, Lo-Carb, Assault, and Khaos. Each can employs the commonly known logo of a three pronged claw rip in the colors of Green, Blue, Red, and Orange, respectively. The Original Monster boasts twice the rush or buzz of a regular energy drink with a smooth kick butt flavor you can really pound down with the Lo-Carb version said to be the same with less carbs. They both live up to the boast. The third type, Assault, also sports the same idea of the original energy, but with the refreshing qualities of a soda. The fourth and final type is Khaos. Khaos is Monsters answer to suggestions from pro-athletes about flavors and what they want. Again, Monster uses the same blend of energy drink, but this time adds 70% juice to the concoction. All four Monster flavors also contain a blend of vitamins and supplements that contribute to the well being of the body. Taurine is one of these ingredients along with ginseng, guarana, cyancobalmine, maltodextrin, and inositol. Taurine is used by the body in hydrating the brain, fighting anxiety, hyperactivity, and helping in higher brain function. Taurine is also the key ingredient in bile, which is needed for fat digestion. Another supplement is ginseng, which is promoted as an adaptogen, which is a product that increases the body's resistance



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