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Monster Car

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Monster Car

"Joseph, you better tell your coach that you can't be getting out of practice this late," my mother said, "this is the third time this week."

"Alright, but if I had my own car you wouldn't have to come pick me up. You feel me," I answered her as I put on my seatbelt. We began to exit the school parking lot, and I glanced back at the fairly new and well lit school. As we made it to the main street it seemed more dead than usual. There wasn't another vehicle in plain sight. There weren't any lights or televisions on in people's homes. We came to a red light and I started to roll down the window.

"Boy you better not open that window," my mom snapped at me, "it is to cold out there."

"Fine, but we should go to taco bell, I been fienin for a grilled steak burrito."

"Me too!"

The light changed and we began to drive. I noticed my mom taking off her heels and putting on her house slippers.

"Ughhh, look at those feet," I said as we came to a stop sign at an intersection, "and you got the nerve to have on a Toe Ring!"

"Boy I know you ain't talking wit those long behind toes you got, and yo feet be stinkin up the whole house."

"Mah, don't even play your self. My feet don't stink," I replied as we watched the last car go by, "you know better."

My mom took her foot off the break as we laughed hysterically and were on the verge of crying. Then her shoe wedged itself between the break and the floor pad. I was finally able to open my eyes after laughing so hard. When I did I looked out of the window and my eyes opened as wide as they possibly could. I was stunned by the sight of a set of bright yellow head lights appeared to be evil eyes, and a car grill that reminded me of a gruesome grin. This car was on a brutal collision path with ours.

"Mah, watch out!" I blurted out as if my life depended on it.

She tried to jam on the break with both feet; but the stubborn shoe refused to give way. As I watched this monster car barrel down the street towards me as if it was on a mission to take me out for good, I started to think to myself, "Man this is goin to mess me up bad."

I blinked, and when I opened my eyes everything seemed to be stuck in super slow motion. I wanted to turn my head and look away, but I was immobilized. I mean just frozen stiff. I could only brace myself. By now the demon car was close enough for me to realize it was a little '97 Nissan Maxima. It was silver, and there were three passengers in the car. Then it happened, just like that, the force of



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