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Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men

There is a wide variety of what some people would call a good friend. Some would say a good friend is someone who will cover for them even though they know they are wrong. Others would say that a friend is someone that has good connections to get them discounts on what they want. However, my definition of a good friend is someone who doesn't laugh when you tell them something serious, who listens and is considerate to what you are feeling at that moment and tries to help in any way they can. A friend is also someone that you can have fun with and accepts your flaws as well. I believe that George, a main character from the novel "Of Mice and Men", was a good friend to Lennie, George's problem person. I know many have reasons to state otherwise so let me share what I know and you can decide for yourself.

An example that shows George's friend qualities is found in the very beginning where it talks about why they left weed. When Lennie grabbed that girls dress, George tried to make him let go and when they were being chased out of the town, he took charge and helped Lennie get out of the town safe and took him with him to go to another job in another town. He didn't just leave Lennie there to rot but cared about Lennie enough to bring him along and made the decision to deal with Lennie's problems instead of just leave him with his childish mind and probably do another thing wrong that would end him.

Another example to show his friendliness is pretty much the whole time when they got to the farm and through before the incident to bring the end. At first when they went to meet the boss, he was telling the boss about what Lennie could do and handed out compliments about Lennie to other migrant workers as well. He was also telling people about Lennie's disabilities so they can handle Lennie better so he can stay in his right mind and not go crazy and do something he will regret or that will get them run off of the ranch as well.

My last example is in the final chapter when the incident happens with Lennie where he snapped Curley's wife's



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